Who is Skeleton Crew Paranormal?

Located in the Central Valley of California, Skeleton Crew Paranormal is comprised of a small group of professionals who share one common interest – to search for answers to the age-old questions surrounding the paranormal.  Each of us bring personalized skills to the table. 


Marcee Brightenstine is a professional photographer and the author of Millee and Me, Spirited Adventures with a Haunted Doll.  Marcee is a docent for the Preston Castle Foundation and the Hayward Area Historical Society.


Jessica Humphries is our residential case manager, website designer and marketing director.  She too is a docent at the Hayward Area Historical Society.


Jennifer Parker is our videographer and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) specialist.  She enjoys documenting each investigation with a specialized video of events.  Jennifer is a docent for the Hayward Area Historical Society.


Through our 10-year plus journey, Skeleton Crew Paranormal has investigated some of the most notoriously haunted historical locations in California and its surrounding states.  Some of these locations include The Bird Cage Theater in Arizona; the Washoe Club and Mackay Mansion in Nevada; plus, Preston Castle and both the McConaghy and Meek Mansions in California. 


We specialize in helping families in paranormal crises and have helped dozens of families throughout California.  If you, or someone you know, are experiencing issues of unknown origin and feel that it could be paranormal related, please contact as at skeletoncrewparanormal@gmail.com

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